The attackers exploited the vulnerabilities in Visor Finance via a malicious contract, and forged a transaction to deposit 200 million tokens into Visor Finance’s stake mining contract (0xc9f27a50f82571c1c8423a42970613b8dbda14ef), thereby acquiring 195,249,950 vVISR stake certificates. The 8,812,958 VISR were then withdrawn from the stake mining contract using the stake certificates.


BEOSIN Eagle-Eye detected that Brinc Finance was attacked due to private key compromise, resulting in the loss of 290 ETH (~ $1.1 million).

Brinc Finance confirmed on its official Twitter that it was attacked.

Attacker: 0x6B0b61323F6d77ef8A1a35D11FA877631d8f67Bb

Attacked Contracts: 0x1eC83036A1dbbd6e001bb216e31b8A259ebd8f3D

Transaction Hash:


On November 30, BEOSIN Eagle-Eye detected that MonoX, an automatic market maker protocol, suffered a flash loan attack with a loss about USD 31 million. Regarding this attack, the BEOSIN technical team immediately conducted an incident analysis.

After the attack, MonoX confirmed on its official Twitter that its contract was…

It’s time for another monthly security inventory! Beosin Eagle-Eye shows that in October 2021, various security incidents still occur from time to time. According to BEOSIN’s statistics, more than ‘20’ typical security incidents in occurred October.

From a general point of view, the blockchain security incidents in October decreased slightly…


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