BEOSIN: Summary of Token-level Security Issues

multiTtansfer function of Ammbr contract
AvaterraToken contract codes
burnFrom function with high permissions
_transfer function of Troncrashcoin
Permit function without checking zero address
Transfer function without validation of the forwarding address
NaughtCoin of Ethernaut
mint function of the HJL token
deposit in SdoRewardPool contract
transfer codes of main contract in ETH-based USDT
transfer codes of main contract in TRON-based USDT
transfer codes of sub-contract in TRON-based USDT
safeTransferFrom function in ERC1155
_doSafeTransferAcceptanceCheck function in ERC1155
Risky DEFI codes
Attack contract
Unlimited permission of MetaMask
Backdoor in UniCats contract



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