What are the security issues that cannot be ignored in the “metaverse”?

What are the security issues that cannot be ignored in the “metaverse”?

(1) Cyber-attack

Cyber attacks are a major threat to the digital ecology, and the metaverse is not immune to this hazard. Cyber attacks can target both end-users and device endpoints in the metaverse, as well as the operators or key service providers of the metaverse.

(2) Technical security flaws

The technology integration model adopted by the metaverse makes it likely to contain additional design flaws or vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could be exploited by attackers or could disrupt the operation of the system itself. As the metaverse attempts to achieve permanent preservation of online information and system integrity, the cost of upgrading and fixing the system as a whole will be much greater than the current digital ecosystem. It is possible that some defects will be discovered and remedied only after many years.

(3) Critical infrastructure

The metaverse will generate new critical infrastructures that, if attacked or malfunctioned, could bring an unexpected impact and social shock. For example, a failure of the trading market and information storage systems in the metaverse would severely diminish the overall value of the metaverse and cause huge economic losses.

(4) Tampering, theft and mass leakage

Although the designers of the metaverse try to use blockchain technology to secure the information of users in the metaverse, the blockchain technology is still very vulnerable to some cyber attackers. If the “avatar” assets and information of users in the metaverse are stolen, the value of the users will be instantly reduced to zero. The huge potential gains would make the global hacker community look to the metaverse as the next major target for cyber crime.

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