LianAnTech Weekly Report July 30- August 5

4 min readAug 3, 2018


Hello, everyone! In the past few days, LianAn Technology Co.Ltd. has achieved three important collaborations and all aspects of our work are processed steadily. The details are shown below:

Important News

On July 31st, IoTeX from the US and CareerOn from China built in-depth strategic cooperation with Chengdu LianAn Technology. Chengdu LianAn Technology will provide smart contract security audit service for IoTeX. All 3 parties together will carry out deeper cooperation in the fields of blockchain security, development and audit of smart contract and the study of secure virtual machine.

On August 1st, Singapore Bplus also built strategic collaboration with Chengdu LianAn Technology. The two parties will start further cooperation in many fields including blockchain security, development and audit of smart contract as well as the implementation of project compliance and landing.

This week, Chengdu LianAn Technology has teamed up with ToTeX, CareerOn and Bplus from Singapore. Chengdu LianAn Technology will cooperate with more companies in the future, so please stay tuned.


Vulnerability Analysis

Last week, LianAnTech Vulnerability Analysis Series Phase II — DoS, digged out DoS attacks during the past few years and shared the vulnerability mechanism plus the fix-up techniques to learn from mistakes. Detailed contents are on the wechat public subscription account and we will also translate it into English version and put it on Medium.

This week, LianAnTech Vulnerability Analysis Series Phase Ⅲ — Race Condition Vulnerability inspired by the DAO attack, will focus on analyzing the two forms of race condition, that is, reentry and Transaction Ordering Dependence. Detailed contents in English will also be available on Medium soon.

The Phase III of LianAnTech Vulnerability Analysis

In order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, Chengdu LianAn Technology warns developers that they are supposed to pay attention to the followings:

1. Be aware of whether Solidity and other official developing languages have already given the relevant built-in functions or rigorous interaction patterns. If they have, developers should abide by them and never try to create new ones.

2. Always think about whether the state variables have potential risks and lock the ones do.

3. Utilize gas limitation and commit-reveal, ensuring transaction information is revealed legitimately in corresponding steps.

Community News

On the afternoon of July 28th, LianAn Technology was invited to attend The 9th Session of Blockchain Technology Salon. Wensheng Guo, the Co-founder & CTO of Chengdu LianAn Technology as well as the associate professor in UESTC, delivered a speech named ‘How to Deal with the Security Problems of Smart Contract’.

CTO Wensheng Guo givng speech

On July 29th, 2018 BCEA the World Blockchain Startup Alliance Summit Forum — Chengdu which was initiated by the committee named Shared Blockchain in Cities from BCEA the World Blockchain Startup Alliance, was held in Marriott Hotel in Chengdu. CEO & founder of Chengdu LianAn Technology, associate professor in UESTC Ms Xia Yang, and CMO Ziyang Gao were invited to the summit. Other industry elite, technology big names, and practitioners also attended the event.

CEO Xia Yang giving speech
CMO Ziyang Gao sharing ideas

This week, the oversea online community Telegram of Chengdu LianAn Technology has already been established. Welcome to join us.

About LianAn Technology

Chengdu LianAn Technology Co. Ltd., focusing on blockchain security field, has developed “One-button” formal verification tool called VaaS, which is the world’s first automated blockchain formal verification platform supporting both EOS and Ethereum. As the one and only company which has obtained the strategic investment from Fenbushi Capital on the aspect of blockchain security layout, LianAn Tech has established cooperation with several companies such as Huobi, OKex, KuCoin, Bytom, Bubi Blockchain, and YUNPHANT. LianAn Tech has audited over 500 smart contracts up till now, and was also nominated in the “2018 China Blockchain Industry White Paper” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s republic of China.




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