Consensus Cell Network & Beosin Has Formally Reached Strategic Consensus

On March 25th, Consensus Cell Network, a new generation of global decentralized autonomous organization, and Beosin, a leading global Blockchain security company, formally has reached strategic consensus and announced that started cooperation with each other. Beosin has completed the preliminary security audit on Cell Wallet under Consensus Cell Network. From now on, both parties will focus on strengthening the security construction of the entire Blockchain ecosystem and continuing to safeguard the Blockchain industry.

As a result, Consensus Cell Network and Beosin has reached strategic consensus based on the continuous deepening and interoperability of the businesses of both parties. The aim is to further broaden the in-depth layout of the businesses of both parties with efficiency, friendliness and security as the core driving force, promoting the acceleration of Blockchain ecology and the development of practical applications. The two parties will focus on in-depth cooperation in smart contracts audit, digital asset wallets audit, assets security protection, situational awareness, security risk control and security consulting.

Regarding this cooperation behavior, Consensus Cell Network believes that, as the world’s earliest company specialized in Blockchain security, through continuous innovation and development, Beosin has already become the world’s leading Blockchain security company. With first-class technical strength and high-quality products and services, Beosin will surely assist Consensus Cell Network to promote the realization of long-term vision.

Meanwhile, Beosin indicates that it will spare no effort to provide professional and comprehensive security solution support for Consensus Cell Network, and use the various security services and security products of Beosin “one-stop” Blockchain security platform to help Consensus Cell Network forming integrated Blockchain comprehensive ecological network, and promoting the era acceleration of the traditional Internet towards the valuable Internet.

About Consensus Cell Network

Consensus Cell Network is a Blockchain integrated ecological network that is jointly empowered by developers and users. Consensus Cell Network integrates 6 major sections: technology research, application development, venture capital, corporate services, education media, and public charity.

Consensus Cell Network is committed to Blockchain technology exploration, applied research and talent training. With human vision as the driving force, it promotes the popularity speed of Blockchain applications and the level of social awareness of Blockchain, also promotes the era acceleration of the traditional Internet towards the valuable Internet. At the application level, Consensus Cell Network will reshape traditional application scenarios with de-trusted and transparent smart protocols, bringing new experiences to users in vertical fields such as decentralized finance, community and games.

About Beosin

Beosin, also known as Chengdu LianAn Technology Co., Ltd., the world’s leading Blockchain security company, established in March 2018, is committed to the ecological construction of Blockchain security, and the headquarter of Beosin is in Chengdu. Beosin has received multiple rounds of investment from well-known institutions such as Qianhai FOF, Lenovo VC, Fosun Hi-Tech, Chengdu VC, and Fenbushi Capital.

As the earliest company to apply formal verification technology to the field of Blockchain security, Beosin has developed VaaS, the world’s leading automatic formal verification platform for smart contract, and based on this, established Beosin “One-Stop” Blockchain Security Platform, providing Blockchain companies with comprehensive security services and supports such as Security Audit, Assets Tracing and AML(Anti-Money Laundering) System, Privacy Protection, Threat Intelligence, Security Protection, and Security Consulting.

Beosin takes the mission of “Making the Blockchain Ecosystem More Secure” and its vision of “Becoming the World’s First Blockchain Security Company” to continuously create Blockchain security advanced and core technologies and safeguard the security of global Blockchain companies.




Blockchian Security · IDE · Beosin-VaaS · Formal Verification · SAS | China leading enterprise in blockchain security field

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Blockchian Security · IDE · Beosin-VaaS · Formal Verification · SAS | China leading enterprise in blockchain security field

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