Chengdu LianAn Weekly Report August 18 — August 24

Hi, everyone! How time flies! Chengdu LianAn Technology accompanies you all the time. The details are as follows:

Chengdu LianAn Technology was invited to attend blockchain technology and investment options meeting.

On the afternoon of August 19th, 2018, in Intercontinental Beijing Beichen hotel, Ziyang Gao, CMO of Chengdu LianAn Technology, delivered a speech called “The Security Problem of Smart Contract and Its Corresponding Solutions” in the meeting named ”The Blockchain is Money, the Blockchain is Future” hold by Qukuai Caijin.

During the meeting, Ziyang Gao analyzed the industry difficulty — the security problem of Blockchain and gave his own ideas about security problem of smart contract and corresponding solutions. He also introduced VaaS, a formal verification platform in Chengdu LianAn Technology. It is a “one-button” formal verification tool and the first platform which supports EOS.

After the speech, Ziyang Gao said that, the security problem of smart contract in blockchain industry is of vital importance and he also reminded all the exchanges and initiators that they should pay attention to code security. As a blockchain security company, Chengdu LianAn Technology is committed to making blockchain more secure.

Important Cooperation

On August 20th, BiGeVC built deep-level strategic cooperation with Chengdu LianAn Technology. Chengdu LianAn Technology will provide further security audit for the smart contract of initiators launched on BiGeVC. Meanwhile, to ensure the assets security of platform users ,both sides will carry out in-depth collaboration in the fields of blockchain security, auditing, development of smart contract, the study of secure virtual machine, etc.

On August 21st, Chengdu LianAn Technology signed strategic cooperation contract with Themis project which is a new generation cryptocurrency hosting infrastructure.

The two parties will conduct further cooperation with each other in many field including development and auditing of smart contract, security verification and etc in the future. They will join hands to promote the infrastructure construction of blockchain ecosystem security globally.

Media Cooperation

On August 21st, Chengdu LianAn Technology built deep-level collaboration with Korea blockchain as well as which is a streaming information media of digital assets currency investment. Both sides agree that Chengdu LianAn Technology designates as its strategic partner in media service, marketing planning and content production. Meanwhile, the two parties will share many big data such as project information.

On August 22nd, Chengdu LianAn Technology built in-depth strategic cooperation with Both sides will conduct deep-level collaboration in media operation, common propaganda and content production. Meanwhile, the two parties will share big data such as project information with each other.

On August 23rd, ZyCrypto built further strategic cooperation with Chengdu LianAn Technology. Both parties agree that, Chengdu LianAn Technology designated ZyCrypto as its strategic collaboration partner in media service, marketing planning and content production. Meanwhile, the two sides will share big data such as project information. ZyCrypto will help Chengdu LianAn expand overseas market and explore international new modes of cooperation.

Vulnerability Analysis

Chengdu LianAn Technology reported that, was attacked by hackers and all the tokens in the contract were stolen on August 22nd. Chengdu LianAn Technology took effective measures to troubleshoot security vulnerability immediately, dug out many abnormal operations and wrote corresponding analysis reports. You can take a look at the pictures below.

Chengdu LianAn Technology warn all the initiators and developers that the security of contract is extremely crucial and they can carry out smart contract audit with the help of third-parties when it is necessary.

The analysis we posted went on the front page of famous Chinese media.

We also posted English version of it on Medium, please refer to the link below:

This week, LianAn Tech issued Vulnerability Analysis Series Phase Ⅵ — The Complete Collection of Game Contract Vulnerability. In this issue, Chengdu LianAn Technology concluded and organized this blockchain game contract incident which has already took place and LianAn Tech analyzed problems of the game in two aspects: security problem in code side and credibility problem of game itself, and gave corresponding fix-up suggestions.

Blockchain games, no matter they focus on transaction attributes or gameplay, cannot operate smoothly without the writing and auditing of smart contract. To ensure the quality of contracts and help blockchain games walk out of chaos, every initiators and developers are duty-bound.

Therefore, Chengdu LianAn Technology reminds all the initiators and developers that when it comes to regular vulnerabilities which are obviously abnormal, they can conduct smart contract audit with the help of third-parties to ensure security of contracts.

Community News

On the afternoon of August 20th, workers in Chengdu LianAn Technology started to chat with blockchain fans in its Wechat technical communication group 1 and 2 at 2:30 pm. They sorted out and analyzed blockchain security problems which are received widespread concern recently and they also answered many relevant questions in the two pleasant-atmosphere groups.

The questions are as follows:

1. Which security problems in blockchain field are urgently needed to be dealt with in recent days?

2. Whether blockchain security problems in 2018 deserve attention or not?

3. As a top security company in China, what kind of advantages do Chengdu LianAn Technology has?

4. Smart contract is very important in blockchain security, can you tell us what is smart contract in a vivid way?

5. For the moment, what are the potential risks of smart contract?

6. Generally speaking, which aspects can smart contract security audit be divided into?

You can follow our Wechat official account called LianAn Technology and add support staff’s Wechat number. You can get this article about questions and answers from the support staff.

In the field of blockchain security, smart contract security is very important. CAILIANPRESS.COM reported that Professor Yang made a very detailed statement about smart contract and formal verification.

This week, Chengdu LianAn Technology technical communication group 3 has already been organized. Everyone in this group discussed lively with each others and welcome more and more people to join our group.

This week, Chengdu LianAn Technology vulnerability information station issued three articles named, Ethereum Smart Contract Replaying Vulnerability, The Second Verification Bypass Defects, The Biggest Scale of Exploit Vulnerability in Smart Contract History. Welcome to read articles in our Wechat official account.

“Focusing on Global Security Incidents” was launched. Three articles, namely, McAfee’s Unhackable Bitfi Wallet Hacked Again, Security Researchers Await Bounty; 6 Classifications and 3 Problems About Blockchain; 50 Application Examples Make You Foresee How Blockchain Will Take Over the World were issued. You can follow our Wechat official account and click “About LianAn” to read these articles in “Focusing on Global Security Incidents”.

About LianAn Technology

Chengdu LianAn Technology Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Chengdu and focuses on blockchain security field. Founded by Prof. Xia Yang and Prof. Wensheng Guo of UESTC, LianAn Tech’s core team members consist of more than 30 associate professors, postdoctoral students, doctors and masters with experience of studying at overseas leading universities and laboratories (CSDS, Yale, and UCLA) as well as industry elite from Alibaba Huawei, and other famous enterprises. Using formal verification as its core technology, this team has been providing years of services for security critical systems in aerospace, military and other fields. Chengdu LianAn Technology Co. Ltd. is the one and only company in China that applies this technology to blockchain security field.

Being the only blockchain security company that obtained strategic investment from Fenbushi capital, LianAn Technology has signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known corporations such as Huobi, OKEX, KuCoin, LBank, CoinMex, Becent, ONT, Scry, CareerOn, IoTeX, DALICHAIN, Bplus, Bytom, Bubi Blockchain, and YUNPHANT. In addition, it has made cooperative agreement with France Inria, the top formal verification team in the world. LianAn Tech was listed on the “2018 China Blockchain Industry White Paper” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it has also been selected for the smart contract security audit recommendation List.

Blockchian Security · IDE · Beosin-VaaS · Formal Verification · SAS | China leading enterprise in blockchain security field

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Blockchian Security · IDE · Beosin-VaaS · Formal Verification · SAS | China leading enterprise in blockchain security field

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