Chengdu LianAn Technology Weekly Report Aug 25 — Aug 31

Hi everyone, let’s start up with the weekly report from Chengdu LianAn Technology.

1. Meeting

On the morning of Aug 22th, 2018, Trusted Blockchain Initiative and Evaluation Seminar was held in Qingdao, Shandong province. Presided by Sude Qin, the head of trusted blockchain initiative office, this forum brought together more than 40 experts from as many as involved 40 institutions. Pro. Xia Yang, CEO of Chengdu LianAn Technology was invited to participate in this forum.

With the purpose of solving the pressing problems concerning blockchain security recently, this forum focuses on the security auditing and privacy protection of smart contracts. Pro Yang delivered a speech with the subject of security problems in smart contracts and automated formal verification platform VaaS, sharing the launch of automated verification technology and the reflections on the standards of smart contracts and security auditing.

On the afternoon of Aug 30th, Ziyang Gao, CMO of LianAn technology company, shared his opinions on the smart contracts defects in security and solutions in his speech, when participating DemoShow held by Lian Teahouse in the Zone D, Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu. According to Gao, LianAn’s services are including the development of smart contracts, smart contracts auditing, Dapp development, security detection of exchange, and the integrated service of penetration test and smart contracts development and auditing.

▲Ziyang Gao, Chengdu LianAn Technology, is addressing

2. Strategic Cooperation

Chengdu LianAn Technology has announced profound strategic cooperation with QuarkChain on Aug 27th. LianAn, in the security partnership with QuarkChain, is planned to provide it and the smart contracts as well as DAPP in its public blockchain with overall solutions covering secure development and formalized verification.

▲QuarkChain is the fragmentation-based underlying technology solution for blockchain, which is characterized with security, decentralization, high throughput and extensibility. It can process 100,000+ TPS transaction per second

Chengdu LianAn Technology has achieved profound strategic cooperation with Singapore BitSG. on Aug 27th. Two sides will work closely in some areas such as blockchain security, development and auditing of smart contracts as well as the launch of compliant projects.

▲With the headquarter in Singapore upholding the most friendly blockchain policy worldwide, BitSG consisted of top experts from all walks of life, gives the priority to the blockchain research in economy and technology, providing start-up team with one-stop service including compliance, incubation and financing

This week, Chengdu LianAn Technology has formed a broad partnership with, AAcoin, Cointiger and Bituan. Our company will press ahead with these four exchanges in some areas including security verification and smart contracts development. Meanwhile LianAn not only provides security auditing for all smart contracts of projects parities, but also all-round solution covering security developments and formalized verification, thus users’ assets can be protected in a better way.

▲ is among the first members of opening exchanges of OKEx, and one of the digital assets trading platforms converging the most numbers of investors from emerging industries
▲AAcoin, an ai digital assets platform for professional traders worldwide, is committed to exploring good opportunities of investing digital assets, delivering more safe and convenient service in assets swap
▲CoinTiger is a global-oriented and innovative digital assets trading platform, where blockchain enthusiasts around world can enjoy cash transaction featured with multicurrency and multi-lanuages
▲Bituan is a distributed autonomous digital assets trading platform where users can enjoy digital assets service labelled with safety, transparency, high-efficiency, ease of use as well as no language barriers

3. Media Cooperation

This week, Chengdu LianAn Technology has formally established strategic cooperation with Fiscal Association, Tconomy and Hooview which are assigned to provide marketing planning and content production, and which will share our big data including program information.

▲Fiscal Association is to provide latest news, interviews and upstream and downstream services concerning blockchain industry worldwide, relying on its three core businesses — -“brand promotion, community, investment Banks”
▲Tconomy is an ecological media aiming at providing reliable information about blockchain for investors
▲Hooview is a professional service platform integrated exclusive interview, Content training, news, analysis of marketing and live interaction and other areas

4. Vulnerability Analysis

The Uninitialized Local Variables in Storage (Vulnerability Analysis Series Phase 7) Chinese version has been published. The event of “seat occupation” reminders us of the relevant problem in smart contracts vulnerability, so this article we wrote serves the purpose of analyzing the uninitialized local variables in storage and accordingly putting forward solutions. Stay tuned to our media for English version.

Chengdu LianAn Technology Company is about to restate the following two points in terms of the development and use of smart contracts.

Firstly, the spirit of contracts development must be honored. It is indispensable to adhere to the specification and make a comprehensive planning in successfully applying blockchain, thus the emerging technology can make a progress with a steady pace.

Secondly, once one realized that a contract is a long-premeditated trick, he or she must beware of the sugar-coated bullets from contracts founders. Never relax vigilance against evil-doers.

Recently, EOS community is trying to find way out because EOS developers found a vulnerability by which malicious contracts get access to greatly sucking users’ storage resources. We translated and reposted an article published By CCN, which welcome everybody to read it in the official account of LianAn.

On Aug 31th, Cointime published a news flash — -Bitifi Wallet Admitted the Security Problems — — that has been translated and posted in LianAn official account, which is opening for all of you to read.

5. Community Operating

The page view of Chengdu LainAn in overseas social networking is high, such as Facebook、Twitter, and some articles or coverages of LianAn also take up important space in Bituan and Cointiger.

▲ Overseas promotion of QuarkChain
▲ Overseas promotion of Bituan
▲Overseas promotion of CoinTiger
▲Overseas promotion of CoinTiger

This week, LainAn posted two morning papers about blockchain security, drawing everyone’s attention on transaction reliability. I hope that you could continue to follow us and access to more information about blockchain security.

All contents of GitHub, the overseas website of LianAn, has been upgraded. It is available for everyone to read through clicking the blew link:

“LainAn developments” in our Wechat official account has five aspects including Vulnerability disclosure, strategic cooperation, media interview, company honor and weekly reports. Join us now and read more about us through entering “LainAn developments”

This week, LainAn information station about vulnerability has upgraded the following articles: BAI Smart Contracts Vulnerability, EduCoin Smart Contracts Vulnerability, Statistic of Ethereum Black Day, Trap of 200 million Ethereum Wallet.

About Chengdu LianAn Technology

Chengdu LianAn Technology Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Chengdu and focuses on blockchain security field. Founded by Prof. Xia Yang and Prof. Wensheng Guo of UESTC, LianAn Tech’s core team members consist of more than 30 associate professors, postdoctoral students, doctors and masters with experience of studying at overseas leading universities and laboratories (CSDS, Yale, and UCLA) as well as industry elite from Alibaba Huawei, and other famous enterprises. Using formal verification as its core technology, this team has been providing years of services for security critical systems in aerospace, military and other fields. Chengdu LianAn Technology Co. Ltd. is the one and only company in China that applies this technology to blockchain security field.

As the only blockchain security company obtained strategic equity investment from Fenbushi Capital, Chengdu LianAn Technology has signed strategic partnership agreements with well-known corporations such as Huobi, OKEX, LBank, CoinBene, Kucoin, CoinMex, Becent, JBEX, ONT, Scry, CareerOn, loTeX, DALICHAIN, Bytom, Bubi Blockchain, YUNPHANT, and BiXiaoBai. In addition, it has built partnership with Inria France, the top formal verification team in the world. LianAn Technology is on the “2018 China Blockchain Industry White Paper” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has also been selected for the smart contract security audit recommendation list on Etherscan.




Blockchian Security · IDE · Beosin-VaaS · Formal Verification · SAS | China leading enterprise in blockchain security field

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Blockchian Security · IDE · Beosin-VaaS · Formal Verification · SAS | China leading enterprise in blockchain security field

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