Beosin Has Completed The Security Audit Service Of Mercurity Swap Of Defi Protocol

5 min readNov 4, 2020

Recently, Beosin, the industrial leader company dedicated to the construction of Blockchain security ecosystem, announced that it has officially completed the security audit service of Mercurity Swap Of Defi Protocol; And Mercurity Swap Pool of the protocol also passed three items of multi-dimensional security audit service from Beosin:

· Coding Standards

· Security

· Business Logic

Recently, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries. As DeFi becoming a typical application of Blockchain technology empowering the financial industry, it has brought a wave of enthusiasm to the cryptocurrency market, and has also triggered a real sense of thinking about “decentralization” in the traditional financial system.

Compared to traditional Internet technology, DeFi undoubtedly has significant advantages such as strong security, high transparency, and privacy protection. In addition, as DeFi economic effects continue to ferment, the various ecosystems of DeFi are gradually growing and improving. However, back to earth,, the current DeFi still faces many pain points. Among them, the Blockchain security company specially focused whether DeFi projects are standardized and secure in smart contract and underlying technical framework

To make the Blockchain ecosystem more secure and stable, Beosin strongly recommends that all DeFi project parties to have a a third-party security company provide security audit services before deploying and launching projects, , to prevent any risks and take precautions.

Recently, the security audit team of Beosin received the security audit request fromMercurity SwapDefi Protocol, asking Beosin to carry out a comprehensive security audit of its smart contract, Mercurity Swap Pool. And Beosin conducted the rigorous and professional security audit process on 3 major items and 21 minor items such as:

· Coding Conventions Auditing

· General Vulnerability Auditing

· Business Auditing

During the audit process, Beosin adopted these auditing methods such as:

·Formal Verification

· Static Analysis

· Dynamic Analysis

· Typical Case Testing

·Manual Review

Beosin also provided specific security recommendations for each audit item. After auditing, Mercurity Swap and Mercurity Swap Pool passed all inspection items, and the audit result was passed; all problems found during the audit process have been notified to the project party and have been fixed.

The aim of the security audit service was to ensure that Mercurity Swap Defi Protocol and its smart contract, Mercurity Swap Pool, has no security risks in the design and coding implementation, and could be used for subsequent project deployment. At the same time, Beosin would issue an authoritative security audit report for Mercurity Swap Defi Protocol, which was unanimously recognized by plenty of mainstream exchanges around the world.

As the world’s leading Blockchain security company in terms of security audit service for smart contracts, Beosin has been widely praised by customers and partners in the industry, and has provided comprehensive and professional security audit and defense deployment services for over 1,000 smart contracts globally.

So far, based on “6 Core Security Products” and “8 Star Security Services” of “Beosin One-stop Blockchain Security Service Platform”, Beosin has already established in-depth cooperation with more than 100 domestic and foreign Blockchain leading companies such as CAICT, WeBank, Wanxiang Blockchain, Ant Blockchain, Bubi, YUNPHANT, PwC, Huobi, OKex, etc.

About Mercurity Swap

Mercurity Swap is an automated digital assets exchange and liquidity protocol, a sub-protocol of Mercurity.Finance.

Mercurity Swap improves the autonomy of liquidity pool management through the innovative Pair Token, and adds the managers, GP (general partner), of liquidity pool so that each liquidity pool can independently set the transaction fee rate and the Pair Token allocation ratio between GP and LP, and whether approval is required to enter the pool and other rules to realize the community autonomy of each liquidity pool. At the same time, by importing the LP Token in Mercurity Swap into the lending, insurance, and synthetic asset protocols in the ecosystem of Mercurity.Finance, it will greatly increase the efficiency of LP’s capital use.

Mercurity.Finance, as an open, AMM-driven DeFi platform, provides infrastructure for DeFi. It is composed of several sets of sub-protocol matrix, each set of sub-protocol can be flexibly plugged and combined, sharing the infrastructures such as brand, technology, liquidity, customers, partners, and community of Mercurity, forming a rich ecosystem. Currently, Mercurity.Finance includes these protocols such as Mercurity Swap, Mercurity Lend, Mercurity Insurance and Mercurity Asset Synthetics. Mercurity.Finance also introduces its original impermanent loss insurance into the ecosystem, which will greatly reduce the deposit risk of liquidity providers and further increase users’ willingness to deposit.

MEE Token is Mercurity Swap’s AMM liquidity protocol governance token, with a total of 50 million. Users can obtain it in 3 ways: LP Token stake mining, adding liquidity mining in the certified exchange pool, and trading mining in all exchange pools. MEE is released in real time, and adopts the withdrawal rule of the original equal-ratio tax to promote users to pay attention to long-term value.

About Beosin

Beosin, also known as Chengdu LianAn Technology Co., Ltd., the world’s leading Blockchain security company, established in March 2018, is committed to the ecological construction of Blockchain security, and the headquarter of Beosin is in Chengdu. The core members of Beosin team are composed of professors, post-doctors, and doctors from well-known universities at home and abroad who have been engaged in information security for more than 20 years, and cyber security elites who have worked in well-known enterprises such as Ali, Huawei, and 360. Beosin has received multiple rounds of investment from well-known institutions such as Qianhai FOF, Lenovo VC, Fosun Hi-Tech, Chengdu VC, Surfilter, Milestone VC, Vangoo Capital and Fenbushi Capital.

Taking the 4 major technologies of Network Security, Formal Verification, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis as the core, company has created “Beosin One-Stop Blockchain Security Service Platform” for the entire ecological security of Blockchain, providing Blockchain enterprises with comprehensive security services and supports such as Security Audit, Virtual Assets Traceability, AML(Anti-Money Laundering System), Security Protection, Threat Intelligence, Security Consulting and Security Emergency, to realize the full-life cycle security solution “R&D→Operation→Supervision” for Blockchain system.

Beosin takes the mission of “Making the Blockchain Ecosystem More Secure” and its vision of “Becoming the World’s First Blockchain Security Company” to continuously create advanced core technologies of Blockchain security and safeguard the security of global Blockchain companies.





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