Beosin Has Completed The Security Audit Service Of DEGO Of DeFi Project

Recently, Beosin, the world’s leading Blockchain security company, officially announced that it has completed the security audit service of DEGO of DeFi project.

According to the authoritative data presentation, in the past month, DeFi-related investment transactions have increased by 83% month-on-month, with an average transaction size of up to $5 million. It is not difficult to see that DeFi has undoubtedly become one of the fastest growing areas of the current Blockchain ecosystem. DeFi has incomparable advantages to traditional finance in terms of improving privacy, fairness, assets security, reducing financial costs, and de-trusting.

However, it is inevitable that DeFi still faces security threats that cannot be ignored to a certain extent. On the one hand, DeFi projects are generally well-funded, and the entire DeFi ecosystem is experiencing great economic value flow all the time, and which is very likely to become the hotbed of illegal crimes in digital economy; On the other hand, if the code of DeFi projects is not accepted the security audit service from a third-party security company, once deployed in a real operating environment, any small security hazard can be easily exploited and attacked by hackers.

Therefore, Beosin, as a security company with the mission of “Making Blockchain Ecosystem More Secure”, we strongly recommend that DeFi projects must accept rigorous and comprehensive security audit service from professional security companies before deployment in order to prevent DeFi projects from being exposed to any security risks.

The security audit team of Beosin recently received the security audit application of DEGO of DeFi project. After a rigorous and comprehensive security audit process, DEGO has obtained the audit result (Pass) in 13 auditing items on Coding Conventions, Function Call Audit, Business Security, Reentrancy, and Integer Overflow/Underflow, etc.

Given that DEGO of DeFi project has passed all the audit items from the security audit team of Beosin, we consider the overall audit rating is rated as Distinction. Afterwards, Beosin will issue an authoritative security audit report for DEGO of DeFi project. The report has been unanimously recognized by several mainstream exchanges around the world.

It is worth mentioning that in the audit methods for DEGO of DeFi project, the security audit team of Beosin adopts a composite type, including Formal Verification, Static Analysis, Typical Case Testing and Manual Review, and specially proposes several enhancement suggestions.

The aim of the security audit is to ensure that DEGO of DeFi project has no security risks in coding and underlying technical framework, and can carry out subsequent launches and deployments. DEGO believes that equals to LEGO in the DeFi world. Also, Beosin is willing to work with more excellent DeFi projects to build a more secure and stable DeFi ecological environment.

So far, Beosin has relied on 4 core products and 8 star services of “Beosin One-Stop Blockchain Security Service Platform”, and established in-depth cooperation with more than 100 domestic and foreign Blockchain head companies such as CAICT, WeBank, Wanxiang Blockchain, Ant Blockchain, Bubi, YUNPHANT, PwC, Huobi, and OKEx, etc. In addition, Beosin has provided security audit and defense deployment services for over 1,000 smart contracts, over 50 Blockchain platforms and application systems, and nearly 100 digital financial companies around the world.

About DEGO

DEGO adopts a modular combination design concept. Modularity refers to the combination of various elements of the product to form a subsystem with specific functions. We combine this subsystem as a universal module with other modules to create a new system with multiple functions and performance.

In short words, each product can be regarded as a module. After a combination of different modules, a new product comes out, thereby achieving the effect of 1+1>2. LEGO bricks are the best example and inspiration for those modules. Every brick is plain and ordinary, but it generates endless possibilities when putting together.

DEGO equals to LEGO in the DeFi world. Each DeFi protocol as a brick, It could be the stable coin(DAI), flash Loans(Aave, Compound), DEX exchanges(Uniswap and Balancer), derivatives( Synthetix), insurances (Nexus Mutual). Around these underlying protocols, we will build a new dapp to enhance the value of the DeFi, create diversified investment portfolios and generate substantial financial returns for users, and become the entrance to the future of financial services.

About Beosin

Beosin, also known as Chengdu LianAn Technology Co., Ltd., the world’s leading Blockchain security company, established in March 2018, is committed to the ecological construction of Blockchain security, and the headquarter of Beosin is in Chengdu. The core members of Beosin team are composed of professors, post-doctors, and doctors from well-known universities at home and abroad who have been engaged in information security for more than 20 years, and cyber security elites who have worked in well-known enterprises such as Ali, Huawei, and 360. Beosin has received multiple rounds of investment from well-known institutions such as Qianhai FOF, Lenovo VC, Fosun Hi-Tech, Chengdu VC, Surfilter, Milestone VC, Vangoo Capital and Fenbushi Capital.

Taking the 4 major technologies of Network Security, Formal Verification, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis as the core, company has created “Beosin One-Stop Blockchain Security Service Platform” for the entire ecological security of Blockchain, providing Blockchain enterprises with comprehensive security services and supports such as Security Audit, Virtual Assets Traceability, AML(Anti-Money Laundering System), Security Protection, Threat Intelligence, Security Consulting and Security Emergency, to realize the full-life cycle security solution “R&D→Operation→Supervision” for Blockchain system.

Beosin takes the mission of “Making the Blockchain Ecosystem More Secure” and its vision of “Becoming the World’s First Blockchain Security Company” to continuously create advanced core technologies of Blockchain security and safeguard the security of global Blockchain companies.


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